• Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Discomfort Mixes Up Stealth Mechanics Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Discomfort

Splatoon 2 And ARMS Release Date Reveal Possibly On April 12 Nintendo Direct Stream

Two more thrilling titles visiting the Nintendo Switch this season are Splatoon 2 and cool fighter ARMS. Both games would be the primary focus of the new Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow on April 12, which interested fans. As these two games would be the focus, most are wishing that the release date is going to […]

Persona 5 DLC: First Batch Of Compensated Content Today Adds Useful Content For Nostalgic Fans

The very first group of Persona 5 DLC is scheduled to be sold this April 11. The DLCs to be sold around the date are conversant Persona 3 and Persona 4 content. Players will ultimately enjoy some nostalgic school uniforms and primary character Personas. April 11 Persona 5 DLC To date, five DLCs are confirmed […]

Titanfall 2 Update: Forward Base Kodai Changes, Tick Publish-Victory Kill Fix And Much More Changes

Lately, Respawn Entertainment Community Manager Jay Frechette confirmed about some Titanfall 2 update this April 10. Forward Base Kodai center battery location changes, Tick tweaks, Pilot Tactical player model implementation, along with other bug fixes happen to be confirmed within this patch. Apart from these fixes, no new content continues to be released within this […]

Pokemon GO Update: Forced Patch Temporarily Fixes Gps navigation Spoofing Issue

Among the greatest issues that’s been bugging Pokemon GO players since its launch this past year could be that the game was rampant with cheaters. Because the game depends on the Gps navigation for nearly every activity, spoofers may use a couple of hacks for their advantage. However, it appears like Niantic has already been […]

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3: Additional Features And Enhancements Fans Want

With two more DLC packs being released for that second game, it’s only dependent on time before Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 is announced. The very first two Xenoverse games happen to be popular, mixing action RPG elements having a DBZ-based fight system that’s easy and fun. However, these games are extremely problematic and players would […]

Overwatch Insurrection Guide: How You Can Defeat All Omnic Types

Blizzard has finally unveiled the most recent event in Overwatch and it is an incredible new PVE mode that channels the Halloween events’ Junkenstein’s Revenge mode. Players are likely to benefit from the new mode as it’s set to push players once more. Stopping the agents from finishing their goal in Overwatch Insurrection are waves […]

Overwatch Update 2.09: Patch Highlights Apart From Insurrection PvE

Blizzard lately launched an enormous update for Overwatch also it adds a lot of new changes towards the game that players should be aware of. Besides the Insurrection PVE mode, Overwatch update 2.09 includes a couple of other activities that will overall update the gaming experience. Listed here are another highlights within the new update […]

Overwatch Legendary Skins For Sombra, Zarya, And Hanzo Being Produced

Overwatch game director Shaun Kaplan confirmed legendary skins for Sombra, Zarya, and Hanzo around the official forums. However, the precise release dates of these approaching skins haven’t been announced. Potentially, these new skins might be released in celebration of some other Overwatch event or new Overwatch maps. Kaplan’s Confirmations Lately, Kaplan has confirmed on various […]