Titanfall 2 Update: Forward Base Kodai Changes, Tick Publish-Victory Kill Fix And Much More Changes

Lately, Respawn Entertainment Community Manager Jay Frechette confirmed about some Titanfall 2 update this April 10. Forward Base Kodai center battery location changes, Tick tweaks, Pilot Tactical player model implementation, along with other bug fixes happen to be confirmed within this patch. Apart from these fixes, no new content continues to be released within this patch.

Forward Base Kodai Battery Location Changes

Frechette’s publish around the Titanfall 2 subreddit listed lower the approaching game play changes. The main alterations in this patch would be the Forward Base Kodai changes and also the Pilot Tactical player model update. The Forward Base Kodai changes happened following the fans requested for that tweak. Around this new patch, players will discover the center battery location elsewhere. Batteries can heal Titans, which turn it into a valuable focal point in control in matches.

Coliseum Pilot Tactical Update

The April 10 Titanfall 2 update can also get the Pilot Tactical update that binds player’s pilot model based on their outfitted tactical. This update can help players recognize which tool the enemy players are transporting and react accordingly as opposed to just a pleasing choice. However, a couple of tactical tools in some way feature similar-searching pilot models which could permit them to trick other opponents.

Tick “Spicy Boys” Bugfix Hype

Overall, the Tick bugfix just prevents Ticks from ongoing to search targets despite the match just concluded. However, the fans appear to become excited the official Titanfall 2 update patch acknowledge Tick’s fan name: “Spicy Boys.” Thievasorous’ thread around the Titanfall 2 subreddit is credited to become supply of this fan name. The Tick ordinance weapon is really a spider drone that chases and explodes on impact, that makes it great for cornering enemies.

Dead Players Coming back Flags

Lastly, the Titanfall 2 update also fixed the Capture the Flag bug where dead players can return flags. Technically, dead players should be denied any kind of agency towards the game until they respawn back. Since they’re already dead, they’re not able to be stopped from coming back their flag. This fix will make sure to ensure that it stays this way.

Meanwhile, one Reddit user requested about another Capture the Flag bug in which the flag doesn’t happen the ground if it is carrier dies holding it. Because the flag can’t be retrieved, the match could finish in the benefit of one team and ruin the match altogether.

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