Pokemon GO Update: Forced Patch Temporarily Fixes Gps navigation Spoofing Issue

Among the greatest issues that’s been bugging Pokemon GO players since its launch this past year could be that the game was rampant with cheaters. Because the game depends on the Gps navigation for nearly every activity, spoofers may use a couple of hacks for their advantage. However, it appears like Niantic has already been well enroute to stopping Gps navigation spoofers using the recent Pokemon GO update.

A couple of players in the Pokemon GO community have noticed that Niantic and Google take more precautionary measures to reduce the quantity of spoofing hanging around. Certainly one of individuals players published on Reddit, reporting that lots of spoofers are outraged using what Niantic and Google did towards the game having a recent forced Pokemon GO update.

“There is really a local spoofing facebook group, and presently they’re (almost) all complaining about how exactly they’re not able to ‘fly’ for Pokemon GO presently. It appears that the newest forced update for iOS managed to get to ensure that their spoofing application cannot work, and also the Android update that actually works to prevent Gps navigation spoofing has began moving out and locking out individuals players,” stated Reddit user OneLastSpock.

Inside a similar situation to Blizzard’s bans, players impacted by the forced update are outraged. However, sleep issues from the Pokemon GO community are thrilled to finally see Niantic’s steps to work through the issue.

However, it’s important to note that both information mill yet to resolve the problem. Much more surprising, players who don’t obtain the update are now being locked out. Jail damaged phones are getting trouble using the latest update. Using the recent forced Pokemon GO update, it’s best to observe that Niantic is finally making plans within the right direction.

A couple of several weeks ago, Niantic Chief executive officer John Hanke stated within an interview the developer is searching to sort the spoofing issue plus a couple of other activities visiting Pokemon GO. It marked a large interview because it was the very first time that Niantic spoken about Gps navigation spoofing.

There isn’t any solid release date regarding when Gps navigation spoofing is going to be completely removed. However, Hanke notes the fix to Gps navigation spoofing is among their big plans with this year. For the time being, a minimum of we all know the Gps navigation spoofing issue may be taken care of at some point.

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