Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3: Additional Features And Enhancements Fans Want

With two more DLC packs being released for that second game, it’s only dependent on time before Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 is announced. The very first two Xenoverse games happen to be popular, mixing action RPG elements having a DBZ-based fight system that’s easy and fun. However, these games are extremely problematic and players would like to see numerous enhancements, plus a new feature or more.

Better Visuals

Despite not an unpleasant game, Xenoverse 2 didn’t set the visual world burning as well as looks poor on some occasions. Within the first mission, we have seen your hair of Raditz undergo Goku, which looked really awkward and demonstrated the game’s limitations. This could have been bad on last-gen consoles, so seeing these kinds of limitations on PS4, Xbox One and PC is irritating.

Compare the very first two Xenoverse games towards the Ultimate Ninja Storm series and there’s clearly just one champion. If Bandai Namco does intend on creating a Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3, they have to up their visual game. Obviously game play is much more important than graphics, but getting more visual flare is needed, especially on the game that’s according to probably the most legendary animes ever.

When the developers could make the visuals they will use for cinematics the in-game graphics, we’d possess a better-searching game. A few of these cutscenes are beautiful, such as the fight between Hit and SSGSS Goku and it is always good if all of those other game appeared as if that.

No Repeated Cutscenes

Despite a brand new hub and figures, lots of people believe that Xenoverse 2 is much more of the expansion than an outright follow up. One good reason with this was because of the quantity of cutscenes which were reused in the first Xenoverse. From Goku turning Super Saiyan to Gohan destroying Cell having a Kamehameha, these scenes were directly lifted in the first Xenoverse, which must change.

If they would like to market a potential Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 like a direct follow up, they will have to build cutscenes in the ground-up. Xenoverse 2 were built with a couple of new cutscenes, many of them revolving round the new movie figures, but we’ll require more before we are able to really call the sport a follow up.

More Unique Races

Xenoverse and it is follow up lets players choose from a Saiyan, Earthling, Namekian, Majin along with a Frieza. While they are fine and permitted for many creativeness, fans want to see more races within the follow up, don’t let acquire one. Androids and generic aliens could be nice, since they’ve been a leading area of the series.

An Effective Versus Mode

Probably the most irritating part concerning the Xenoverse games is attempting to battle your friend for many couch beatdowns. Players need to load their game, visit among the stalls and pick Versus Mode, that is far too complicated for any fighting game. Sure, the Xenoverse games tend to be more RPG-like than the usual proper fighting game, however they have a Versus Way of local fights.

This really is something which must have been fixed within the second game which still didn’t happen, which means this needs fixing. Unless of course Bandai Namco plans a far more proper Dragon Ball fighting game, they ought to possess a proper Versus Way of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3, should it ever happen.

More Creative Scenarios

The primary appeal for Xenoverse titles would be the “what if” scenarios the games have within the single-player campaign. A few of these can be very fun, as an overpowered Mr. Satan helping Cell defeat the Z Players, or getting Cooler help Frieza defeat Goku on Planet Namek. However, they may also be lazy and uninspired, like Frieza immediately likely to his final form or Broly aiding Majin Buu never ever.

Developer Dimps must offer more creative scenarios to improve player interest. A mission in which the player needs to assist the Saiyans defeat the Tuffles could be interesting, using the added twist of getting Hatchiyak and Baby as villains. A predicament in which a player needs to defend Kid Goku would be also a lot of fun.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2 can be found now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Super Saiyan Rose’s Goku Black, Zamasu and Bojack come in the 3rd DLC pack for Xenoverse 2.

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