Apple stated to become making big mobile payment move with recent hire

Apple stated to become making big mobile payment move with recent hire

Apple might be planning for any big role in mobile Near Field Communications (NFC) using the recent hiring of Benjamin Vigier since it’s product manager of mobile commerce.

Future iPhones along with other Apple devices might be transformed into mobile wallets, allowing users to rapidly pass or tap a telephone more than a receiver while using NFC short-range wireless specs.

Nokia makes inroads in NFC, however is not considered a powerful cell phone competitor within the U.S.

“Apple could finally bring NFC towards the masses,” authored NFC expert Bob Egan, global mind of research for Tower Group, inside a tweet today, concerning the hiring of Vigier.

Egan noted too that Apple is really a “magical marketing powerhouse” having a large patent portfolio and prevalent distribution alliances that will help Vigier and Apple.

A part of Egan’s optimism is dependant on Vigier’s strong resume, as detailed on LinkedIn .

Neither Vigier nor Apple couldn’t be arrived at for discuss his role at the organization. Vigier showed up in This summer at Apple, and formerly was product manager for mobile wallet, payment and NFC at mFoundry, where he created and managed the Starbucks mobile payment system around the iPhone and Paypal Mobile, that is featured on BlackBerry and a few other phones.

Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4

Computerworld blogger Jonny Evans stated the Vigier hiring is sign that Apple is “continuing to move forward fast” into NFC , possibly with apple iphone 5 the coming year.

Evans noted a 2009 Apple patent for building an NFC antenna right into a touchscreen, along with other patents for ticketing as well as utilisation of the service name iPay.

NFC is much more famous Japan than elsewhere, although adoption within the U.S. is recognized as slow, possibly because of U.S. consumers’ concerns about security with mobile payments. Generator Research lately stated that mobile payments would hit $633 billion in 2014, up from 68 billion in ’09.

Gartner stated lately that mobile payments would achieve the mainstream this year , when 3 percent of mobile phone users is going to be making mobile payments. While a small % from the total, that is representative of 190 million users.

Gartner puts NFC in a summary of mobile payment technologies which include SMS (Short Message Service), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Unstructure Extra Service Data (USSD), which isn’t utilized in the U.S.

In other payment system news, Google stated on Monday it bought Jambool , a business which makes a platform for managing online payments for virtual goods offered on gaming and social networks.


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