GTA V will feature Two Armored Military Vehicles?

GTA V will feature Two Armored Military Vehicles?

It appears like GTA V will feature two armored military vehicles (Rhino from GTA SA and APC from GTA IV)Captured a Max Payne 3 modder released GTA V vehicle list discovered in “Vehicles.ide” file between Max Payne 3 files. Recent GTA V screens and trailers hint the list is legit.

Our friend at BehindGames analysed new GTA V screens and trailer determined that 4 vehicles confirmed by Rockstar in the list. Browse the details below.

grand-theft-auto-v-image-2 GTA-V-Batmobile-2 actual_1414503896 01fc32072ef76de549710a6d758c7ec9

The interesting factor to note here would be that the list features military vehicle “Rhino from GTA SA” and “APC from GTA IV”.

Therefore if their email list leaked by modder was legit, both of these miliary vehicles will feature in GTA V. Browse the pictures of these military vehicles below. You are able to download the automobile List HERE.


Source: BehindGames


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