Facebook hits back at Google chat feature with iPhone application

Facebook hits back at Google  chat feature with iPhone application

Facebook has launched Messenger for Mobile, a brand new group chat application for that iPhone, with some other Android and BlackBerry phones.

Apparently, Facebook is feeling heat from the little social media upstart-most likely since the upstart under consideration, Google , is obviously operated by Google. Though Facebook may be the much wider, much more popular, and more firmly ingrained social networking right now, it appears to become playing catchup having a couple of innovations in the barely-a-month-old Google network.

Facebook’s just-released Messenger application appears to compete squarely with Google ’s Huddle functionality. Huddle-available only in the search engines ’s mobile phone applications, this is not on the primary website-behaves similar to group MMS. You may create as numerous Huddles as you would like, and you may choose who will get to participate that Huddle. Other Huddle people can also add further correspondents, too. Then all of the Huddle participants can exchange messages inside your pro tem chatroom.

Facebook’s new application-only its second foray in to the Application Store-hews quite carefully to Google ’s Huddle. Messenger enables for group correspondence between buddies you specify, and may optionally include location data for chat participants, too. Participants inside your conversation who lack smartphones can continue to receive and send Messenger messages through traditional SMS rather, when they first confirm their mobile figures with Facebook.

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Facebook Messenger is free of charge it takes the new ios 4. or later and works on the iPhone, ipod device touch, and iPad (although it hasn’t been enhanced for Apple’s tablet).


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