Combined music chart &lsquoseriously skewed&rsquo against indies

Combined music chart &lsquoseriously skewed&rsquo against indies

Based on figures from Aim, the Association of Independent Music, the very first official combined music chart, because of debut on Sunday, will seriously skew the chart against independents.

The association provides Macworld with data that shows the way the charts will favour the main labels.

The positions of numerous bands within the official and combined music charts happen to be compared more than a three week period. Aim claims the studies have shown that in every week numerous bands form independent labels lost their top 40 status.

For instance, week 12 saw Vibrant Eyes, I’m Kloot and Roots Manuva fall from the top 40.

The organisation also discovered that in a single week from the 60 records which were not offered in gifs, 14 were major labels, and 46 were indie. Statistically this breaks lower as 8.24 percent of major labels not offered online, and 57.5 percent of records from indie labels.

Aim makes the official complaint to work of Fair Buying and selling.


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