Apple Siri Versus Google Jelly Bean: Voice Search Showdown

Apple Siri Versus Google Jelly Bean: Voice Search Showdown

Among the big enhancements within the Android 4. (Jelly Bean) operating-system update that Google announced on June 27 is improved upon voice recognition searching. Now you can ask your Android phone questions naturally–meaning you will no longer need to seem just like a robot to obtain solutions.

We wondered which services are better at answering questions: Android’s Voice Search or Apple’s much-touted Siri. To check the help, we put together a summary of 17 questions or instructions, and requested them of the Universe Nexus running Jelly Bean as well as an iPhone 4S running iOS 5.

A fast disclaimer: Apple has greatly improved Siri in iOS 6, but we were not capable of getting our on the job the beta to check it. And also the form of Jelly Bean we caused by google’s I/O developer conference wasn’t the ultimate version, that will come to phones in mid-This summer.

Our results? Siri and also the new voice recognition software in Jelly Bean have their great amount of benefits and drawbacks. Within the finish, Android arrived on the scene ahead on 8 from the 17 questions and instructions we posed.


Here is a introduction to how good each phone handled each question or task.

Question 1: “Where’s the Empire Condition Building?”

Siri appeared to possess trouble understanding this, while Jelly Bean created a roadmap that gave us the address from the Empire Condition Building in New You are able to. For the time being, Android has got the upper hands with regards to locating famous structures.

Champion: Android Jelly Bean

Question 2: “Should I Have an Umbrella on Sunday?”

The very first couple of occasions we requested this, Siri gave us directions towards the nearest shops. We feel that it could happen to be attempting to point us to locations that offered umbrellas, instead of answering our weather question.

When Siri finally recognized that people were asking concerning the weather, it informed us that could not predict exactly what the weather could be on Sunday, and demonstrated us a picture displaying the neighborhood weather forecast for the following 5 days. Android told us that people wouldn’t require an umbrella on Sunday, as well as created a 5-day forecast.

Champion: Android Jelly Bean

Question 3: “Show Me Images of Mount Rushmore”

Android instantly introduced up a little grid of images, while Siri requested when we wanted to carry out a Web search. Siri finally demonstrated us what we should had requested for, however it needed an additional step.

Champion: Android Jelly Bean

Question 4: “How Can I Obtain a Taco Around Here?”

Siri, which pulls its is a result of Yelp, introduced up 20 restaurants in the region which had tacos around the menu. Android presented a roadmap of locations that offered tacos, only one establishment was at the rest were spread all through the town. We must hands it to Siri about this one, because of the quantity of results and because of how close these were to the approximate location.

Champion: Apple Siri

Question 5: “What is the Capital of Canada?”

Both phones created a solution, but Android was faster at fetching an effect.

Champion: Android Jelly Bean

Question 6: “Get Me Directions towards the California Academy of Sciences”

Just like the Empire Condition Building question, Android immediately introduced up a roadmap with the position of the California Academy of Sciences in Bay Area, and began opening Google Maps to provide us directions.

Siri found two records for that California Academy of Sciences, and needed us to decide on the correct entry before proceeding to provide us directions.

Champion: Android Jelly Bean

Question 7: “What Age Is Stan Lee?”

Both Siri and Android gave us a solution, but Google demonstrated us an image of Marvel’s Stan Lee and browse the solution to us.

Champion: Android Jelly Bean

Question 8: “Who Had Been the main Pick within the National basketball association Draft This Past Year?”

Neither Siri nor Android had a solution to this, and both defaulted to conducting a Search rather.

Champion: Tie

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Question 9: “Just When Was Apple Founded?”

Siri gave us a solution from Wolfram Alpha, but Android read us our answer.

Champion: Android Jelly Bean

Question 10: “Set a Timer for 5-10 minutesInch

Siri really set a timer coupled with a pleasant graphic to choose it.

On Android, Jelly Bean set a security for 5-10 minutes to return. Both approaches work, though we preferred the way in which Siri handled this.

Champion: Apple Siri

Question 11: “What’s 56 Divided by 7?”

Android was the first back with the solution to our math problem, while Siri required time for you to contact Wolfram Alpha for help.

Champion: Android Jelly Bean

Question 12: “What’s $100 in Euros?”

Almost as much ast with this math problem, Android was the first back by having an answer.

Siri required longer, however it went far above the cod by also getting us rate of exchange for several countries, along with a graph showing past conversions for that euro.

Champion: Apple Siri

Question 13: “What’s My Horoscope for Today?”

Both Android and Siri unsuccessful to reply to this, and defaulted to performing a web-based search.

Champion: Tie

Question 14: “Let Me Know a taleInch

Siri continued to inform us an extremely extended tale, while Android just did another Search.

Champion: Apple Siri

Question 15: “Sing Us a Song”

Siri sang us an audio lesson, whereas Android performed a Search for that phrase “sing us a song.”

Champion: Apple Siri

Question 16: “Play Some KanyeInch

Siri began playing a Kayne West song in the iTunes library, while Android attempted to conduct searching for “Conyay West.”

Oddly enough, we could get Android to acknowledge other artists for example Michael Jackson and also the Killers, but for whatever reason it declined to acknowledge the right spelling of Kanye West’s name.

Champion: Apple Siri

Question 17: “What’s the solution to Existence, the World, and Everything?”

Siri gave us a semiserious answer, while Google introduced up a Hitchhiker’s Help guide to the Universe reference.

Champion: Tie

Android appears to complete better on questions associated with navigation and maps, but Siri is superior at finding eateries and playing music.

It will likely be interesting to determine the other enhancements Apple can make to Siri when iOS 6 launches within the fall, and whether Google can iron the quirks in Android Jelly Bean before it releases in mid-This summer.

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